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American singing legend, and fullback, Kate Smith shares with us her"pet Jell-O tricks", Strawberry "festive" mold and a cucumber "tang" salad.

The strawberry mold looks like the Ford Rotunda.

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Condo board meeting, get down!

"Yeah, let's see bitching about the party now, 4C."

Krab With A K All-Star: It's whats not for dinner

So. Much. Wrong.

I prefer my shortcake with strawberries, thank you very much.

Playing Dolls, Part II: Brad

So yesterday it was about Ken, today it is about Brad.  And Brad has it all going on.  Yeah, he is Christie's boyfriend, but he would also look mighty fine with Barbie.  And unlike Ken who never says a word, BRAD is a chatterbox.  "I talk." and, "I say many things."  Evidently, Brad was educated at Oxford because he also does not use contractions.

Playing Dolls: Stiff Ken

But you are Ken, you are.  And you are just too rigid with the way you carry yourself.

When Barbie needs someone to fill out her "plus one,"  she calls you, but the rest of time, you are in the box with Skipper.

The problem is, Ken, your wardrobe isn't something that you can share with Barbie.  Midge would like to wear it because Midge is Dykadelic. 

But Barbie? 

Not so much.

Give me a Boh!

Natty Boh is the official beer of Krab with a K. No craft beer for Krab lovers.  That snobby BS is for the more refined lovers of "Crab".  No one here calls it "National Bohemian - it's always been "Natty Boh" or just "Boh". But its still good trash beer.  But the "Pleasant Living" in "Charm City".  A total crock of shit.

Temper tantrums are...

...never attractive and are often downright ugly.

If this guy gets on the bench, remember, Hell Hath No Fury like Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed.