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And, we're back: Living the Campbell Life

Growing up we used to call meals like these "Strike Food" because it's what you ate when parent(s) could were on strike from work and money was tight.   And you ate it not because you you wanted to, but because you never knew if next week of meals could be fish sticks.  Tarter sauce was for the rich kids. 

If money was really tight, then something called "Emergency Steak was what you got and it was made with Corn Flakes soaked in beef broth and then molded into a steak form.  That came from Mom's WWII rationing cookbook.  It was enough to ask for beets.

BTW, did you miss us?  It's been a year. But we're still here.  No more excuses.


  1. Isn't it possible to create budget foods that don't make you ill to think about them? Of course, that old photography would make a Lucullan feast look miserable.

    1. I know, that Ektachrome film and the old off set printing and all. But even under the best of circumstances, this looks like barf on a bun.


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What's yer beef, Hon?

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